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Swiss quality cables for the global market

Studer Cables AG is a Swiss solution provider of secure and high quality power and data transmission systems.

Studer Cables AG - Headquarters

Core competencies

Our core competencies lie in development, design, manufacturing, sales and related services. The range includes cables for the energy and infrastructure sectors, industrial cables as well as cables for rail vehicles, airport infrastructure and e-mobility. We focus on complex applications and technically demanding special cables. We also develop highly specialized plastics and compounds for ourselves and on behalf of customers. We also have extensive expertise in crosslinking using electron beams. In all of this, we rely on Swiss virtues such as innovative strength, efficiency, punctuality and reliability.


Our Energy & Infrastructure business includes products with extremely high safety standards for infrastructure constructions such as tunnels, public buildings or e-charging stations, as well as cables and cable systems for renewable energies. In the area of solar cables, we have proven our innovative strength by becoming the first supplier of a TÜV-certified cable for floating solar installations. We are the partner that supports its customers from the project planning stage onwards. Our safety cables meet the toughest specifications and are certified to the world's most important standards - so that people can move in safety at all times.

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Discover our product finder and benefit from our extensive expertise in the development, manufacture and supply of highly specialized cables for the energy and infrastructure sector, industrial applications, rail vehicles, airport infrastructure and e-mobility. Find the optimal solution for your demanding projects today!


The Mobility division produces cables for rail vehicles and e-mobility. Cables and cable systems for rolling stock applications require special robustness against external influences. Improved flexibility is required for moving applications during operation. In addition to electrical properties, high mechanical strength is also required, as is high resistance to aggressive media. Other key requirements are an extended temperature range and high fire protection. Our products are tested in our in-house test laboratory and comply with most standards. For e-mobility solutions, Studer Cables offers cable products designed for outdoor DC transmission under extreme environmental conditions such as cold, heat and solar radiation as well as resistance to various media influences.

Our Machinery products are very robust and can also withstand acids, fuels or oil. They are used, for example, in factories and on ships. Cables with increased resistance to external influences and conductors with maximum temperature resistance and increased dielectric strength are part of our diverse product range. We also develop and produce sophisticated compounds for conductor insulation and cable sheathing.


Swissness with tradition. The first chapter of our history was opened in 1939 with the foundation of the company in Däniken. Over the decades, our company has continued to develop, combining its experience with a spirit of innovation. This is how products are created that are convincing around the globe: in the Gotthard Base Tunnel, in Marina Bay in Singapore, in saltwater fish farms in Norway or in floating solar plants in the Alps.


Our aim is to further increase the proportion of low-pollutant and environmentally compatible raw materials in our cable products. For example, we abandoned PVC years ago and now produce only halogen-free cables. In addition to the electrical properties, high mechanical strength and high resistance to aggressive media are also required. We develop innovative plastic compounds in modern laboratories. The focus is on improved insulation properties, greater temperature tolerances, longer service life, ease of processing and better safety properties. Our test laboratories for fire tests, RF technology and optical measurement technology ensure our quality standards and drive innovation.


We are much more than "just" a cable producer - we offer holistic solutions. We see our customers as partners and support them as early as the planning stage of their projects. From project planning to delivery with our own fleet of vehicles and optimally equipped installation team - everything from a single source. This is what we are enthusiastically committed to.


Since 2022, Studer Cables AG has been owned by the Harting family of entrepreneurs. This is made possible by a strategic partnership with the HARTING Technology Group based in Espelkamp, Germany.

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