Compound development at Studer Cables AG

At Studer Cables AG, the development and production of HFFR (halogen-free flame retardant) compounds is one of our long-standing core competencies. Our material specialists develop solutions for compounds that are tailored precisely to the respective customer requirements. These solutions also include working on the continuous development of process technologies.

Our goal is to develop products with novel properties – in terms of flame retardancy, for example, or with improved flexibility or resistance to various media. Development work also involves the use of new raw materials to reduce compound costs.

Our materials development department has several in-house laboratories at its disposal: these are used to conduct compounding tests up to technical centre scale for use in prototyping. This approach gives us the opportunity to ensure development work reflects our real-world production capacity at an early stage in the process.

State-of-the-art testing facilities in our laboratories let us perform most of the fire tests that are specified in the standards, as well as simulated ageing, or tests of mechanical or chemical properties similar to those found in the target field of application.

These are the competencies that set us apart, both in terms of our current product portfolio and our future product pipeline.


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