Electron-beam cross-linking and sterilisation

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Electron beams are used not only to cross-link and modify polymers, but also to sterilise and decontaminate raw materials and pre-packaged products. These invisible forces are applied specifically to optimise product applications. As a global technology leader, we extend and optimise the polymers developed and utilised by Studer Cables for cable applications. Cross-linking cables with electron beams ensures that the cables keep working reliably even in extreme weather conditions and over long periods of time.

With increasing demands being placed on the industrialisation of processes and the safety of end products, as well as growing environmental awareness, irradiation cross-linking and radiation treatment are also important factors for resource conservation. Improved temperature and chemical resistance, flexural and abrasion resistance, longer-lasting products and safety optimisations to meet exact specifications are just some of the possibilities offered by these highly specialised methods.

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Electron-beam cross-linking

As a pure-play service provider, we offer our customers the option of cross-linking, modifying or sterilising their products through treatment in our plants.

A selection of products for which we offer electron-beam irradiation:

  • Cables and wires
  • Plastic tubes
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • Implants (e.g. joints with integrated plastic contact surfaces)
  • Foils
  • Foam foils used in the automotive sector and other applications
  • Injection-moulded plastic parts (housings, seals, gears)
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for implants

Our systems are each designed for specific product groups and are therefore equipped with apparatus to ensure optimum handling – from specialised general cargo and box conveyor systems to versatile reeling systems for cables and pipes.

Irradiation cross-linked polymers have improved thermal pressure resistance and also offer improvements in the following areas:

  • Temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Solvent resistance (increased swell resistance)
  • Bend resistance
  • Harder and more abrasion-resistant than conventional plastics

Cross-sectional view of a Rhodotron electron beam accelerator


Sterilisation refers to the inactivation of all living microorganisms in materials and objects. All microbes present on or in the material are killed off, together with their resistant permanent forms (spores). Sterilisation using ionising radiation was discovered over 30 years ago and is an accepted method for the sterilisation of medical devices. The method is defined in the ISO 11137 standard.

A selection of products for which we offer irradiation sterilisation:

  • Medical devices
  • Raw materials
  • Packaging materials, etc.

Benefits of irradiation sterilisation

Sterilisation using irradiation has undeniable advantages over other methods, such as heat or chemicals (fumigation):

  • A cold process, so also suitable for heat-sensitive products
  • High intrinsic process safety
  • Fast rate of throughput
  • No further tests (no quarantine) required, so irradiated product can be released quickly for immediate use
  • Products can be treated as whole cartons
  • Treatment remains possible even with dense packaging material
  • Easy process documentation and validation
  • A widely accepted and recommended method


Sterilisation by irradiation is a standardised process. Important standards here include:

  • ISO 13485 Medical devices — Quality management systems
  • ISO 11137-1 Sterilisation of health care products — Radiation — Part 1: Requirements for development, validation and routine control of a sterilisation process for medical devices
  • ISO 11137-2 Sterilisation of health care products — Radiation — Part 2: Establishing the sterilisation dose
  • ISO 11137-3 Sterilisation of health care products — Radiation — Part 3: Guidance on dosimetric aspects of development, validation and routine control

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