Energy systems and engineering

From project planning to delivery - competence around the cable

Our project managers understand the importance of flexibility and agility in the execution of large infrastructure projects: Highest quality on time and on budget.


Project Management

Thanks to the in-depth expertise of our project managers and their ability to communicate effectively with the various project stakeholders, they are able to analyze complex tasks, develop approaches to solutions and implement them efficiently. In doing so, they always keep an eye on the overall direction of the project and ensure that it is realized within the defined time and budget constraints. In addition, our project managers take the importance of sustainable and environmentally conscious implementation of infrastructure projects seriously. They take care to use resources economically and promote environmentally friendly practices to minimize the ecological impact.


Our consulting services are based on solid expertise and a deep understanding of the latest technological developments. We strive to always provide our customers with up-to-date and practical knowledge to help them optimize their projects. The bundled project and manufacturer expertise is a decisive advantage that enables us to offer you added value and to accompany and support you on your way to success.


Ready to take your infrastructure project to the next level?

Our project managers at Studer Cables are experts in flexibility and agility to implement the highest quality on time and on budget. From consulting and technical planning to construction management and logistics, our team is with you every step of the way. Contact us today to make your projects a success!

Specialist planning

One of our outstanding strengths is the use of unique 3D cable management and engineering software. This advanced technology enables us to model the planning to scale at any time, ensuring precise implementation. Our engineers and planners can thus develop high-quality solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers. Of course, we make sure that the planned plants comply with the applicable standards and regulations.

Site management

Our conviction is that first-class plans and concepts deserve first-class implementation. With this in mind, we are highly committed to ensuring that the projects we develop are implemented smoothly and professionally. In addition, we attach great importance to the fact that the contracted companies carry out their tasks on time and with the highest quality. Therefore, we always pay attention to the selection of our partners, which we choose whenever possible in the immediate vicinity of the project to be realized. Our motivated teams work closely with the companies involved and monitor the progress of the work to ensure that all requirements and specifications are met. As part of our commitment to high customer satisfaction, we carefully review incoming invoices before they reach the customer. Through this review, we ensure that all costs are transparent and reasonable and avoid unnecessary delays in the payment process.


Transport logistics and materials management play a crucial role in large-scale projects. We are aware of the critical importance of both aspects for efficient and speedy implementation. As they can be potential cost drivers, we pay special attention to them to ensure that they do not become the main issue in the project.


You can find many more exciting projects on this topic in our download area.


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