Studer Cables – The all-in-one service provider for energy systems

The world is changing. And so are its needs and requirements. Infrastructure and energy systems are no exception to this rule. Demands for high safety, excellent flexibility for a product’s entire service life and low environmental impact must now all be taken appropriately into account.

And Studer Cables is also changing – transforming itself from a pure-play cable manufacturer into a company that combines a wide range of competencies and now represents a symbiosis of cable manufacturer, engineering firm, system integrator and service provider. Not least because today’s infrastructure involves many technical systems that all have one thing in common: they are ultimately connected with cables. Just like the human circulatory and nervous system, cable installations provide energy and communication facilities in modern buildings. In any project, being able to balance out the demands of the various stakeholder groups is critical for its ultimate success. And that’s exactly what Studer Cables works to ensure. After all, ensuring the successful completion of a complex undertaking requires optimal coordination of the various domain experts. Which is why Studer Cables brings together know-how from multiple industries under one roof, as part of a team staffed by engineers, technicians, architects, security consultants and construction supervisors.

This is how we can create solutions that impress from any perspective.


Cable routing and the planning of cable systems are among our strengths.

Looking for more information?

About Studer Cables AG? About our products and services? Or are you at the beginning of a project or are you working on one and need professional support?

We’re here for you! Our team is on hand to provide you with advice and assistance – from planning and development to logistics and cable pull. We are your partner for all matters relating to energy distribution and beyond.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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