Assembly and logistics

Where most people give up, our service team really takes off

We ensure that communication and energy networks are installed in the correct dimensions and function properly from a technical point of view.



Studer Cables is not only a cable manufacturer. Our services such as planning, installing and testing electrotechnical systems are also in demand. In this way we support our customers in the realization and operation of technical facilities in infrastructure projects. Or in other words: analyses, cable measurements, function tests, aging analyses, etc.

May we assist you with the assembly and logistics of your project?

Studer Cables offers you a wide range of services. Our experts ensure that communication and energy networks are perfectly installed and reliably operated. Contact us for professional support and successful projects!


In addition to these services, however, we also offer our customers work related to the delivery, installation and assembly of cable systems. With our extensive fleet of vehicles, our special machinery and equipment and, of course, our experienced and motivated service team, we provide professional and economical installation and assembly.

Another service is the rental of laying materials for cable hoists. So you can manage laying work with your own team.

The Studer Cables service team is available for consultation and project planning.

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