Installation with circuit integrity

Reliable cable systems for emergency systems

Safety-relevant systems must function trouble-free under all circumstances. To protect human life, we offer tested and certified cable systems with insulation and function maintenance to ensure safety at all times.



The function of safety-relevant systems such as emergency lighting, smoke outlets and extinguishing water pumps is of crucial importance in the event of a fire. They must also function under extreme conditions. Here, the quality of the cables is relevant to ensure safety, especially in buildings, public facilities and industrial plants where people are present.

First class

Studer Cables offers tested and certified cable systems with insulation and functional integrity that ensure the required safety in case of fire. In addition to an extensive product portfolio of cables, we also offer support systems and ensure that all required test certificates are available. Our products are designed to save lives and protect people in the best possible way in the event of an emergency.

Are your safety-related systems up to date?

Secure critical emergency systems with tested and certified cable systems from Studer Cables. Contact us today for customized solutions to keep your assets safe and protect lives!

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