Power generation

Powerful solutions

With a clear focus on power transmission and efficiency, Studer Cables designs innovative cable systems to meet the growing demand for energy in line with environmental goals.


Energy transmission

Power generation is the foundation of our modern world. Whether it is renewable or conventional power generation, at Studer Cables we are prepared to supply cables and cable systems for all power plants.


Innovative technologies secure tomorrow's energy supply. One of the great challenges of the near future is the global energy supply. Renewable energies must be developed and new standards established. In the course of global networking, urbanization and the growing world population, innovative solutions are needed. Both in the use of renewable energies and in the optimization of existing plants, sustainability, effectiveness and intelligent systems will be the main challenges of the future. Studer Cables is already meeting precisely this demand today.

More than just cables

For the delivery and installation of our products we provide experienced practitioners and the most modern equipment. Laying with cable pull in earth, air and water is carried out with our special vehicles, which have been specially designed for this purpose. We are also the right contact for you for cable pull-out and the corresponding disposal.

Are you looking for efficient and sustainable power transmission?

Studer Cables not only offers you cable solutions, but also supports you from A to Z - from planning your project to logistics and assembly. Talk to us! Our employees are enthusiastic problem solvers.

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