High performance cables for industrial applications

The maximum in everything: performance, durability, resilience and dielectric strength. So that industrial plants remain available in the long term and fail-safe.



Realizing the optimum and maximizing the performance of industrial plants is the idea of strong connections. Where uninterrupted performance and lasting safety under the most difficult conditions are required, our cable products and solutions impress with individuality and resilient connections. Cables with increased resistance to external influences, cables with maximum temperature and media resistance as well as increased dielectric strength are part of our diverse product range.

Proven and certified

Our many years of experience cover an extensive range of industrial applications. The most diverse external conditions have shaped and perfected product development. The safety and availability of technical equipment has a high priority. In addition, the prevention of fires or protection against the consequences of fires is required by law. Basic protection against the consequences of smoke gas damage is achieved by avoiding acidic and toxic gases and by reducing the amount of smoke gas. Therefore, all cable insulation should be halogen-free and flame-retardant. An active contribution to fire prevention in electrical systems is made by cross-linked insulation materials that are flame-retardant even in the event of a short circuit. Our cable solutions for industry are designed to meet this requirement.


Our goal is to provide solutions that set standards. Thanks to our many years of product development and project experience, we know how to create sustainable value in construction projects and modernizations of industrial plants. Maximum efficiency, pollutant-free production and resource-conserving use of raw materials shape our view of the industrial world of tomorrow. In every industrial sector.

Get the maximum out of it!

Increase the efficiency of your industrial processes with Studer Cables' customized cable solutions.

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