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Our focus is on durability and performance to smoothly handle the ever-increasing demand for energy.



Increasing technical requirements, safety in buildings and on the move, continuous expansion due to growing public transport and rapid urbanization, high flexibility: all demands that our age places on our infrastructure. Our safety cables and our quest for integrated solutions have always enabled us to meet these growing needs. Moreover, it is not enough for us to simply meet the power distribution needs of tomorrow; we also focus on durability and performance to cope with the ever-increasing demand for energy.


In infrastructure, we offer customized solutions for various application areas:

  • Traffic route and building infrastructure
  • Railroad infrastructure
  • Large-scale plant projects
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Photovoltaics
  • Charging infrastructure

Well-known major projects such as the Gotthard and Ceneri base tunnels, various international metro projects, and charging solutions for e-buses benefit not only from our comprehensive product range, but also from our extensive project management, which extends from planning to acceptance. Our products and project solutions comply with all applicable standards and certifications. Commitment to quality and innovation is firmly anchored in our corporate culture.

Ready to take your infrastructure networks to the next level?

Lay the foundation for a reliable future with advanced infrastructure cabling solutions from Studer Cables.

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