Road and tunnel infrastructure

Innovative solutions for safe road and tunnel infrastructure

As a company from Switzerland, a country richly blessed with mountains and valleys, we have first-hand knowledge of the demands placed on energy supply in tunnels. Our wide range of products meets the highest safety standards and is known for solid reliability.



At a time when infrastructure projects are becoming increasingly complex and larger, equipping road and tunnel infrastructure with high-quality and certified products is crucial. The safety of the users and the reliability of the systems are the main focus. This involves ensuring stable and secure connections, meeting high safety requirements and complying with tightened rules.


Our expertise lies in providing a diverse range of products that meet the specific requirements of road and tunnel infrastructure projects. Our products are of great importance to owners, engineering firms, construction companies and all those involved in road and tunnel projects. Not least because human lives are at stake with every product decision.

Highly developed

Our products are the result of years of experience and extensive expertise in the field of road and tunnel infrastructure. We understand the complex requirements and challenges that such projects entail and develop products that meet these demands. Our solutions are characterized not only by their high quality and reliability, but also by their ability to adapt to changing standards and regulations.

Do you have a major road or tunnel infrastructure project coming up?

Learn more about how our products can contribute to the safety and efficiency of road and tunnel infrastructure projects. Contact us today to discuss customized solutions to your challenges and shape the future of transport routes together!

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