Powerful cable solutions for the future

Our specially developed cable solutions for charging infrastructures set new standards in terms of resilience, safety and performance. Our innovative solutions are actively shaping the mobility of tomorrow.



E-mobility is taking on a central role in sustainable mobility development. Efficient charging infrastructures are key to the promotion and acceptance of electric vehicles. Our specially developed cable solutions for charging infrastructures are designed to transmit direct current under demanding environmental conditions. We take into account temperature fluctuations, media influences and extreme weather conditions.

High quality

The entire e-mobility industry - from vehicle manufacturers to charging station operators - depends on high-quality cable solutions to ensure efficient charging operations. Studer Cables has developed innovative cable solutions that meet the high demands of e-mobility. Our cables offer high DC load capacities, integrated safety features and optimized flexibility. They are designed to meet the challenges of e-mobility and ensure smooth operation of charging infrastructures.

You want to advance e-mobility?

Discover our pioneering cable solutions for charging infrastructures. Our specially designed cables offer high resilience, safety features and optimized performance under extreme conditions. Rely on the expertise of Studer Cables. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative solutions!

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