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Low and medium voltage

Knowledge, experience and updating of the latest developments and trends in the handling of low and medium voltage cables

These courses provide practical knowledge on all aspects of cable connection and connection technology. The courses are divided into a theoretical block, in which the basic knowledge is taught, and a practical block in the in-house training room. The practical part focuses on reading the installation drawing, installation accuracy and tips & tricks for using the various tools and materials. Course participants are introduced to the theory and receive a practical basis and in-depth understanding of the connection and connection technology. The knowledge imparted is intended to provide support for safe, economical and high-quality operation.

Our partner for electrical grid construction accessories, Voltline AG, will discuss the respective connection and connection accessories in the theoretical part.

You can find more information in our flyer "Low and medium voltage".


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Low voltage

Contents: GKN connection sleeve; end closure; casting resin; fastening technology
Course costs: CHF 450 (incl. course material, lunch and certificate)

Medium voltage

Contents: End closure; socket; plug; fastening technology
Course costs: CHF 530 (incl. course material, lunch and certificate)

Medium voltage PPb (paper-lead cable)

Contents: Transition joint paper-lead-plastic; Fastening technology
Course costs: CHF 530 (incl. course material, lunch and certificate)

After receiving your registration we will send you a booking confirmation by e-mail. Please note that a free cancellation is possible until the end of 2023. In case of cancellation after 01.01.2024 we will charge an expense of 50% of the course costs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 062 288 82 82 or via schulungen@studercables.com.

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